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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mediocrity, thy Name is IPad

Well, today was the big day: The day when Apple was going to revolutionize computing and digital media. The day when Steve Jobs was going to unveil the new "most important thing" he's ever worked on. The day when Apple was going to show the world its revolutionary tablet...And ta-da, the IPad is here!!!

You're kidding, right? I mean, that's it? That's the big deal?



I mean the IPad is cute and all. I'm sure it will be a dandy portable media player...just like your netbook or laptop is now.

But that's the problem: It can only do a fraction of what your current netbook or laptop does but it's more expensive.

On top of that, Apple has made some terrible design decisions (according to early reports):

* No Flash video, so surfing the web is going to suck.
* No USB or smart card ports, so you can't attach your own external memory--the only way to transfer files will be through the proprietary Apple software on your PC.
* No multi-tasking, no running more than one application at a time. Gone are the heady days of surfing the web AND writing Email or IMing people at the same time. Boy, I sure do miss 1996.
* You can't download any applications except those approved by Apple and sold through the Apple store. So Apple has a stranglehold on what you will be allowed to do with "your" computer. They'll also have a decent stranglehold on the media you're allowed to consume to, since your only choice will be downloading through them or loading from your PC.
* Imagine if Apple decides to block applications or competitors they don't like, not unlike the current Google Voice dust-up.

Now, compare that to the fact that current netbooks and Linux tablets do more, cost less and are free to use as you like. The upcoming crop of tablets will offer more at a better price.

I don't think the IPad is a disaster in the making or anything like that...but even the name IPad reeks of mediocrity. It's uninspired. And the competition will be vastly superior in short order.

IMeh. IFail. IBrick.


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