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Monday, February 5, 2018

Setting the Record Straight

So, let's get Donald Trump's record straight:

Adam Schiff is a "big liar"

Journalists are the "enemy of the American People."

Democrats who didn't clap enough at the State of the Union address are "traitors."

He said that "Second Ammendment People" should step up to prevent a lawfully elected candidate from taking office should she win the election.

Nazis at Charlottesville who murdered a young woman are "very fine people."

Trump demands personal loyalty from his Justice Department officials in violation of the law.

The FBI, CIA and NSA are purportedly corrupt agencies conspiring against him.

These are not just words. Donald Trump is engaging in dangerous propaganda.

He is encouraging radical, fringe elements of society to strike out. He is a danger to civil society and the rule of law. He undermines the fabric of our civil society and our form of government on a regular basis.

Donald Trump is a disgrace to the Presidency. And those who enable him to continue in this farce without taking action should be ashamed of themselves.