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Friday, September 2, 2050

The Outlaw Galaxy Universe

In the distant future...
It is a time of legends and myths, of technology and magic,of epic struggles and journeys to the stars...
A time when great heroes confront the forces of darkness...
A time when adventure beckons across the Billion Worlds of Outlaw Galaxy!

Dive into the Outlaw Galaxy universe, a setting of spectacular space fantasy adventure, brimming with aliens and strange worlds and thrilling space battles. Suitable for readers of all ages, or as I like to put it, "For the young and young at heart."

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Thursday, September 1, 2050

Outlaw Galaxy Books

There are always new Outlaw Galaxy books coming out. Here are some currently available:

 Outlaw Galaxy: Little Wind and Other Tales
(Outlaw Galaxy 4) Short story collection. Five short stories of magic, wonder and adventure among the stars and distant worlds of Outlaw Galaxy. Free at most retailers. 

Find out more or check out the book at Smashwords, PayhipAmazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble Nook, or the Apple iBooks store. 

About 15,000 words or 45 paperback pages, reading time: about one hour. 

Stories in this collection are:

* "Little Wind." Charrogarn has been told he is the Pyarrun Senn, destined to save his world from the Ghat'han invaders and preserve his peoples' most sacred traditions. And it all feels like a lie.
* "Here. Alone." There's nothing better than spending the day watching the starships coming in to land at the starport, imagining what their stories might be....
* "One Man's Trash." No matter how desperately you need a new starship, don't trust your co-pilot to pick it out....
* "We've Come A Long Way." A tavern on a StarStation, a well-deserved rest after a long journey across the stars ... and a moment of reflection amidst a bar fight.
* "Echoes." A father and son share a very special memory of the past.

Outlaw Galaxy: Hunter's Truth and Other Tales
(Outlaw Galaxy 3) Short story collection. Five short stories filled with the adventure and wonder of the Outlaw Galaxy universe. 99 cents at most retailers.

Read a sample or check out the book at Smashwords, PayhipAmazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble Nook or the Apple iBooks store. 

About 18,500 words or 53 pages, reading time: one hour.

Stories in this collection are: 

* "Hunter's Truth." There's more to being a bounty hunter than capturing a target. 
* "Just Names and Dates." A young woman gets a history lesson that she'll never forget. 
* "A Glorious Enterprise." A fleet of colony ships sets out to tame a planet full of riches. 
* "Three Simple Questions." Whatever happened to Diamond Black Joe after Outlaw Galaxy 1: Trip and the Space Pirates? 
* "Hopes, Dreams, Fears." Trip thinks back to the adventures of Outlaw Galaxy 1: Trip and the Space Pirates

Outlaw Galaxy: Fugitive Among the Stars
(Outlaw Galaxy 2) Stand-alone novel. 

Trip and his friend Johnnie O. visit Johnnie's cousins for a simple vacation riding anti-grav scooters in the trails and woods of Karrison's wilderness. However, their plans are interrupted when an out-of-control freighter crashes near their campsite and they rescue its badly injured pilot, Bosh Tippen. The boys find themselves pursued by gunmen looking to capture Bosh and return him to vicious gangster Croll Weixx!

Read a sample or check out the book at Smashwords, Payhip, Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble Nook or the Apple iBooks store.

Novel, about 72,500 words or 207 pages, reading time: five hours. $2.99 at most retailers.

Outlaw Galaxy: Trip and the Space Pirates
(Outlaw Galaxy 1) Stand-alone novel. (Outlaw Galaxy 1, stand-alone novel) 

Benjamin "Trip" Trippany lives with his Uncle Craz in the busy port city of Pennick's Crossing, working in his Uncle's starship repair bay while dreaming of someday having his own ship and adventuring among the stars. A chance encounter and chase through the bustling city delivers him into the clutches of Diamond Black Joe, the infamous space pirate. Forced to join the pirate gang, Trip learns that they plan to attack and capture a Sh'nar cargo ship fleet, where his best friend Jinx works. Forced to choose between his own safety and saving his best friend, Trip is plunged into a rousing space adventure filled with deep space battles, shipboard blaster shoot-outs with pirates and a desperate struggle to save the Sh'nar from Diamond Black Joe's pirate gang.

Find out more or check out the book at Smashwords, PayhipAmazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble Nook or the Apple iBooks store.

About 73,000 words or 210 pages, reading time: 5 hours. $2.99 at most retailers.